Harrisburg, NC Real Estate, Harrisburg Area and Community Information

Located on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, Harrisburg offers a unique compromise to those who want both the quiet lifestyle and the amenities that are only found in big cities. Today, the town of Harrisburg has a total population of just over 14,000 residents, just enough that the city services are more than adequate but few enough that the town carries on with the small, suburban feel. Harrisburg NC real estate is known for holding its value and offering residents everything they want out of the suburban lifestyle. From top notch parks and recreation to various attractions that are within 10 minutes driving distance, there is always something to experience in Harrisburg. Prospective Harrisburg home buyers should contact Janelle Rayford and Charisma Smith to find their perfect Harrisburg home.

History of Harrisburg

The history of Harrisburg dates back to the days when George Washington was president. In his diaries, he stated that he passed through Query’s Quarter which is believed to be the very spot where modern day Harrisburg stands. The towns name change came about when the first rail depot was erected in the 1850’s. Back then, the depot would take the name of the person who owned the land in which the depot was placed and in this case the land was owned by a man named Robert Harris. During the early days of the railroad the town became known for its mills and farms, making it a place where farmers and ranchers would become very successful. Once residents found the swimming hole located on the Rocky River, Harrisburg became a place where everyone from all around came to socialize and entertain.

Parks and Recreation

For residents of Harrisburg, the parks and recreation department plays a big role in their lifestyle. From yoga classes to little league and adult co-rec sports, the parks and recreation available in this town creates a way of life that everyone enjoys. In addition to sports and classes, there are also summer camps, farmers markets and city parks that the department maintains for all residents.


Harrisburg, NC is a fast-growing town surrounded by the activities and attractions of a major metropolitan area. Harrisburg is located in close proximity to several colleges and universities, music venues and large entertainment arenas, cosmopolitan dining and shopping and more.

One of the biggest attractions that brings people to North Carolina is the sports, namely NASCAR. With NASCAR being so influential in the state, it is no surprise that Harrisburg is home to the one and only Richard Petty Driving Experience. Here, those who love NASCAR, or just going fast, can experience the thrill and excitement of actually driving one of these high powered machines.

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